Tips & Affirmations: 5 august


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by AM DAEBAK | PHOTOGRAPHY Source1 Source2

m revenit cu tipsurile de săptămâna aceasta. Aş pune accentul mai mult pe numărul 4, având în vedere această lună specială LUNA FANTOMELOR ÎNFOMETATE. Nu uitaţi că v-am spus AICI despre acestă nouă tradiţie de a posta tipsuri şi afirmaţii în fiecare weekend, în engleză.


              1. „I have learned that there is no need for me to struggle. I trust the Universe to take care of me.” (Louise Hay)


              2. Monday Motivational! ∞ Source: Lillian Too ∞ "It’s all about how you approach things in life. Think about how lucky you are right now. First of all you’re fortunate just to be alive and to be able to make choices and live the kind of life you wish to live. Your karma is excellent! Why not start from the premise that you already have good luck and you will attract even more of it. It is through mind power that you can attract happiness, wealth and good luck. It is your mind that will lead you to discover many secrets of the world."


               3. Money Luck Tip! ∞ Source: Lillian Too ∞ "Paintings of cranes symbolize longevity for the residents. They are said to bring sudden money luck when they are painted as a flock and flying in the skies."


                4. Hungry Ghosts Fact! ∞ Source: Lillian Too ∞ "No Swimming After 5 PM!!! During this month the Hungry Ghosts are especially thirsty all the time! There are literally billions of ghosts roaming the world looking for water and food, and because they are so thirsty they are instinctively drawn to bodies of water like ponds, streams, pools and lakes so please no swimming after 5PM. Children and elderly folk should avoid swimming this month altogether."


                 5. Feng Shui Fact! ∞ Source: Lillian Too ∞ "Kitchens in the South should not be in red even though this is a fire element location. Use pink or beige, but not red. Red in the kitchen is a danger color as this would signify excessive fire energy."


                  6. Prosperity Friday Tip! ∞ Source: Lillian Too ∞ "In Chinese, the word for pineapple also sounds like "good fortune coming your way", so pineapples have come to be related to good luck and good wealth. This pineapple fashioned out of crystal makes a wonderful feng shui enhancer for Earth-element Prosperity Star of 8, which flies to the Southwest in 2016."



No Swimming After 5 PM!!!