Tips & Affirmations: 27 august


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by AM DAEBAK | PHOTOGRAPHY Source1 Source2

ată tipsurile de săptămâna trecută. Aş vrea să vă spun că în fiecare dumincă sunt în căutare de noi informaţii pentru a pune pe blog şi pe reţelele de socializare. Dacă aveţi sugestii de tipsuri Feng Shui (living, căsătorie, sănătate, bucătărie, case, grădini etc) vă invit să ne lăsaţi comentarii mai jos. Dorim să aflăm şi ce alte subiecte vă mai interesează pentru articolele viitoare. Nu uitaţi că v-am spus AICI despre acestă nouă tradiţie de a posta tipsuri şi afirmaţii în fiecare weekend, în engleză.


          1. „I rejoice in the LOVE I encounter, today and every day.” (Louise Hay)


          2. Monday Tip! ∞ Source: Lillian Too ∞ "When you experience negative signs you must do something instantly to dissolve the misfortune energy that you have encountered. If you are unhappy in a restaurant or a store clerk has mistreated you then just leave the shop. Symbolically to “stop” the negative energy you can wave you hand or clap three times. It’s a very simple thing to do."


           3. Staying Safe During Hungry Ghost Month Tip! ∞ Source: Lillian Too ∞ "A house that is too yin is usually dark with little or no sunlight and fresh air. Houses that are build near churches, hospitals and graveyards or covered by too many trees and branches (which block out sunlight) are also attractive to ghosts. Make sure to keep your own house very clean, open the windows when possible to let in the fresh air and as much sunlight as possible."


           4. Yang Chi Tip! ∞ Source: Lillian Too ∞ "Music creates yang chi! When the office environment gets too quiet it is a good idea to allow those working there to enjoy music. Sound energy is an effective way of activating good energy and a great way to maintain a good chi balance of yin and yang. Nothing too loud, as this can create blocks of creativity and concentration."


           5. Dining Tables Tip! ∞ Source: Lillian Too ∞ "Long rectangular dining tables are favored because they represent growth energy...and so the family dining on this type of table is sure to experience personal growth and career advancement. Oval shaped and round dining tables give flexibility for family members to face their best personal lucky directions, and they often save on space. Your dining table should always be spacious enough to allow elbowroom for all who are seated and suggest an appearance of abundance."


            6. Business Tip! ∞ Source: Lillian Too ∞ "Mirrors can be used to amazing benefit if you run a retail business or if you own a restaurant. When mirrors are used to decorate the walls of a retail operation they generally attract a much larger crowd of customers. This is because the yang chi created by the people who patronise such establishments will attract even more yang energy. So business improves and grows. It is also a good idea to place a mirror to reflect your cash register as this "doubles" the sales in the store."



Dacă aveţi sugestii de tipsuri Feng Shui (living, căsătorie, sănătate, bucătărie, case, grădini etc) vă invit să ne lăsaţi comentarii mai jos