Tips & Affirmations: 20 august


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by AM DAEBAK | PHOTOGRAPHY Source1 Source2

ăptămâna aceasta tipsurile au fost puţin diferite, mai ales cel de ieri, care de fapt este un video cu Lillian Too în care prezintă cele 8 simboluri de prosperitate. Nu uitaţi că v-am spus AICI despre acestă nouă tradiţie de a posta tipsuri şi afirmaţii în fiecare weekend, în engleză. Să aveţi un weekend prosper şi liniştit!


1. „My world is full of stimulating, enriching people and experiences. What a great adventure life is!” (Louise Hay)


2. Auspicious number 8! ∞ Source: Lillian Too ∞ „The infinity symbol, which also looks like the auspicious number 8, brings incredible chi energy into the home. Display in the center of your living room or the room where you spend most of the time.”


3. Busy Bee Luck Tip! ∞ Source: Lillian Too ∞ „The Honeybee is a powerful symbol of productivity and team work!”


4. Prosperity Vibrations Tip! ∞ Source: Lillian Too ∞ „Blue treasure vases bring enormous good fortune in the Year of the Monkey! Fill with 9 types of treasures, ingots, gold bars, currencies and place it in your wealth corner.”


5. Victory Luck Tip! ∞ Source: Lillian Too ∞ „Ignite Victory luck and success in all that you do with these 3 Victory Flags. Place in the Southeast sector of your home (or desk).”


6. Friday Tip! ∞ Source: Lillian Too ∞ „Lillian Too’s Sacred Jewerly – 8 Auspicious Objects”



„The Honeybee is a powerful symbol of productivity and team work!”