Tips & Affirmations: 14 august


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by AM DAEBAK | PHOTOGRAPHY Source1 Source2

tiu că acest articol ar fi trebuit să apară vineri seara sau cel târziu sâmbătă, însă programul încărcat nu mi-a permis să mă ocup de publicarea lui, însă nici astăzi nu este prea târziu. Nu uitaţi că v-am spus AICI despre acestă nouă tradiţie de a posta tipsuri şi afirmaţii în fiecare weekend, în engleză.


1. „I am truly grateful for everything I experience. It is all a gift.” (Louise Hay)


2.The Golden Eagle is a great symbol of power and success. Place it on your work desk to develop confidence and receive recognition for your efforts. The great eagle protects against harmful alliances and helps you develop professional partnerships that elevate your career to new levels.”


3. Prosperity Color Tip! ∞ Source: Lillian Too ∞ "Purple Brings Prosperity! Place a splash of purple in your prosperity corner! Your prosperity corner changes depending on the facing direction of your front door according to flying star feng shui, but for simplicity it can be the corner diagonally opposite your front door."


4. Good Luck Tip! ∞ Source: Lillian Too ∞ "A pair of lime trees flanking your main door invites good luck and happiness into your home."


5. Mantra Tip! ∞ Source: Lillian Too ∞ "Om Mani Padme Hum is also known as the lotus mantra...the mantra of the Compassionate Buddha and reciting it many times is said to bring a shower of blessings. Since the Chinese manifestation of the Compassionate Buddha is the Goddess of Mercy Kuan Yin, this is therefore the Kuan Yin mantra. For those of you who believe in and desire "old-fashioned" love with marriage and a good family life, incorporate the lotus symbol - either the real plant or flower or artificial decoration into your surroundings to nurture a true feeling of peace and contentment."


6. Wedding Friday Tip! ∞ Source: Lillian Too ∞ "Did you know - A wedding taboo - do not be a bridesmaid more than three times because this creates a negative effect on your own marital luck. You’ll have difficulty finding someone to settle down with and obstacles will manifest."



The Golden Eagle is a great symbol of power and success